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Why ?

Everything you need to know!

Attractive commission rates

The commission rates fluctuate according to the number of clients signed and can evolve with the duration of the collaboration. Here are the rates in a precise and detailed way for a total transparency:

-Between 15 to 20 signed clients the commission rate is 20%.
-Between 20 and 30 signed clients the commission rate is 30%.
-Between 30 and 40 signed clients the commission rate is 40%.

Beyond that, rates are negotiable, so you'll need to make an appointment with a sales manager to discuss this.

Increase your revenue

Thanks to this partnership, your turnover will be boosted. We have estimated a growth between 15 and 20% of your turnover, or even more within 1 year and a half or 2. How? you might ask! Well, thanks to our sales teams, our state-of-the-art communication and our mastery of the latest tools developed in-house. So take a little foam, we take care of everything!


Formation Web Bordeaux was created more than 9 years ago and is a leader in the digital training sector. We have conducted more than 1,340 trainings in the last 4 years in various sectors, with individuals, professionals, small and large companies. We know what we are talking about and have a total understanding of the different markets. All these qualities and years of expertise make our future collaboration a solid and trustworthy one!

How to become a partner?


You have read the "why"

Above we explain in a simplified way why and how. Once you know this, you can move on to step two!


Contact us

So that we can get in touch, you can fill in the form or contact us directly on Linkedin


Meet us

Afterwards, we will come back to you to set up an appointment to explain the terms of this partnership and answer your questions.


The signing of the contract

After our telephone or physical exchange, we will send you the partnership contract to finalize everything in due form!


Here we go!

Congratulations, we are now partners, we hope this one will last a long time and will meet your expectations!